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Former Google Search Quality For Your SEOTwo SEO experts and former senior Google employees bringing a combined 14+ years of Google Search Quality expertise to the table. Investigating web spam signals on scale, analysing linking networks, applying manual actions (Google penalties) to sites and revoking them upon successful reconsideration requests, defining and implementing Google Search Quality policies, helping webmasters in Google Webmaster forums and at conferences; we have seen and done all of that. We don’t guess what Google Search is about, we know it inside-out. We don’t advise on how to spam search results. We don’t promise top rankings. We don’t do bargains.

And most importantly, we believe in full confidentiality so we don’t talk about our clients - period.

What we do is offer SEO Consultancy by gathering relevant data and apply our unique expertise from working within the Google Search Quality team to your site. We uncover organic search growth potential. We work for you and your users. We only charge actual worked hours, and never more than we agreed upon.

Our clients are our advocates and we want you to become one.